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[GUEST HOST] Scott Aukerman

[GUEST HOST] Scott Aukerman

Bada-bing bada-boom we’ve got the televsion series Comedy Bang! Bang! host Scott Aukerman as our fantastic Guest Host this week. Aukerman is also a writer, actor, comedian, television personality, director, producer, and podcast host. What’s been going on with Aukerman more recently is preparing for the airing of the 20-episode second season of his unique television series Comedy Bang! Bang!

Aukerman co-hosts the show with fellow comedian and musically talented Reggie Watts. The show is filled with goofy antics and bizarre humor that is unlike any other show on television. As soon as you begin watching you’ll start to notice how Aukerman has made the show stand out among other comedic shows and done so in such a clever way that it simply deserves to be watched.

However, before his success with Comedy Bang! Bang!, Aukerman started out performing at The Comedy Store in Los Angeles with his friend B.J. Porter in the late 90’s and was discovered by the co-creator of Mr. Show, Bob Odenkirk. Odenkirk secured the duo to write and sometimes perform for the fourth season of the show. With their help, the show earned an Emmy nomination in 1999.

After the end of Mr. Show, Aukerman and Porter transitioned into writing film and television scripts and in 2002 started the alternative comedy showcase Comedy Death-Ray. It first started at the M Bar in Los Angeles and soon moved to the Upright Citizens Brigade Theatre to expand their creative imaginations. It wasn’t until 2011 that Comedy Death-Ray moved to IFC for three nights a week, where Aukerman interviewed stars and creators of shows that the network aired.

Comedy Death-Ray Radio was the broadcast version of the show and it was also in 2011 when Aukerman renamed the show Comedy Bang Bang. The podcast has been well-received and considered one of the better podcasts available for download and is a prime example of how a podcast should be conducted.

He and Porter also created the popular Funny or Die series Between Two Ferns with Zach Galifianakis, which is one of the more well-liked series on the website with each episode having over one million views. More recently, Aukerman, with the success of the Comedy Bang Bang podcast, created the Earwolf Network that produces and releases several podcasts.

Its clear Aukerman has been beyond busy the past couple years trying to fine-point where he wants his shows to be and has also done a good job with handling his new responsibilities. You can listen to Aukerman all week over the airways, here on our website, or by downloading the iHeartRadio app. Also, be sure to see Aukerman in what’s guaranteed to be an outrageously hilarious new season of Comedy Bang! Bang! 

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