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Impala Evades Two Cheetahs By Jumping Into Car Full Of Tourists

Impala Evades Two Cheetahs By Jumping Into Car Full Of Tourists

A young girl touring Kruger National Park in South Africa captured a stunning video on her camera phone of an impala eluding a pair of cheetahs by leaping into a car full of tourists. The tourists were parked along the road when they started to see a pack of impalas leaping across the same road and soon realized they were trying to escape two cheetahs looking for their afternoon meal.

The girl who caught the video on her mobile phone was Samantha Pittendrigh, who was touring South Africa. Pettendrigh, 20, told U.K. Daily Express, “We started freaking out going crazy. We couldn’t believe it. We were absolutely dumbstruck.” She went on to describe the situation:

“We watched the cheetah chasing the impala. We saw a few of them turn around in the bushes towards the road they were running from. All of a sudden we saw the impala jump out of the bushes and then someone started screaming, ‘It is in the car! It is in the car!’ We heard a little girl screaming in the car. The boy sitting outside the car filming looked a lot younger, so it must have been a family. People in other cars screamed, ‘Open the door! Open the door!’”

Soon after the screaming, the door was opened and the impala scampered away, successfully avoiding becoming a hungry cheetah’s meal and able to live another day. The video does this scene some sort of justice, but actually witnessing this chaos must have been some sight to see.

Though, what would’ve been even greater than an impala jumping into a car to escape is if the impala jumped into an actual Impala and then they drove off. Better yet, if the impala jumped into a Jaguar and escaped that way. Oh if only, if only.

Now, this scene, having happened at Kruger National Park, brings back memories of one of the most popular viral videos of all time, Battle At Kruger. You remember this one, where the lions attack a young buffalo, then get into a tug-a-war with a crocodile with the young buffalo as the rope, then the buffalo’s family comes back to save it’s life.

Yeah, that one, the one with 72 million views on YouTube. This park has yet again provided an intense scenario that makes anyone who watches these videos want to take a tourist trip there themselves to try and witness incredible moments in the true wild. 


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