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Kyle Kinane's New Special on

Kyle Kinane's New Special on


The droll, observational, and friendly comedian Kyle Kinane has put his organizational skills to the test by putting together a new show Dance Around the Shit Fire. The full show is available for digital download as of today only on

Shot in Chicago as part of the ‘Just for Laughs’ Comedy Festival, Dance Around the Shit Fire is a no holds barred, uncensored romp featuring the “lumberjack hipster” Kyle Kinane and comics Bryan Cook (Competitive Erotic Fan Fiction) and Ben Roy (Those Who Can’t).

Kinane has been blowing up the comedy circuit ever since his first album Death of the Party (2010) was released and has especially been on the rise since his follow up Whiskey Icarus (2012) came out. It hasn’t even been a year since Whiskey Icarus was released and he has already created an hour-long show with an interesting focus of gruff, white comedians and freshly written material.

For being a comedian that has said why he became a comedian was, “because of the lack of organization in my life”, he sure knows how to put together a jam-packed entertaining special. He even has some musical talent integrated into his show with his newfound friend Brendan Kelly (Brendan Kelly & The Wandering Birds) performing three songs in-between each comedian’s performance.

Kinane states at the beginning of the show why he gave it such an odd title: “I figured if it all goes to Hell, you know what you bought tickets for. So your expectations are low and if we pull this off…awesome, and if it all goes to Hell then I don’t care because it’s called Dancing Around the Shit Fire for a reason.” He goes on to say how the show is his “love letter to Chicago” since he was born in Addison, IL, which is right outside of Chicago.

Kinane’s most recent gig has been becoming the new voice for Comedy Central. That scratchy, groggy, and hoarse voice you hear reading the promos for different Comedy Central shows is none other than Kyle Kinane. He has said about the new gig, “I never set out to do this. But I do like it. Actually, it's one of the best gigs in the world.”

It’s clear that Kinane is a humble guy you could easily sit down and have some drinks with while enjoying talking about the random observations he has on society. He has put together a fun and crazy hilarious show that you will not regret watching. So cure your boredom and go to, download his new special, and sit back, kick your shoes off, then get ready to pass some time witnessing a team of terrific on-stage talent. 


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