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[Weekly Vinyl] Tim Conway's "Bull!"

[Weekly Vinyl] Tim Conway's

Tim Conway didn’t make his comedic mark on the Carol Burnett Show, he was already well known from his role in McHale’s Navy, and at the time of this Lp’s release in 1968, was starring in his own show ‘Rango.’  When the show was cancelled after only one season, Conway was picked up as part of the cast of Burnett’s show, and was on his way to his most famous part yet.


Tim Conway is from Chagrin Falls, Ohio, which sounds like it could be the title of one of his comedy routines. He started out as a guest on the nightly Steve Allen Show, and his bumbling comedy made him a funny fellow to the thousands of folks who went to bed with aching sides on the week nights.

Tim’s popularity led to the role of Ensign Parker on ‘McHale’s Navy.’ During the show’s four-year run, Conway bungled his way into national prominence and became one of the most promising to today’s original comedians. Unlike many funny men, Conway is a unique comedian – he doesn’t imitate anyone… and no one can successfully imitate him.

  In ‘Rango’ his most recent television series, he again plays an all-thumbs character, but this time the setting is the Old West. 

This album proves that Tim Conway is much more than a sight-gag artist. He shows his comic writing ability with Ernie Anderson, a man who has hosted two comedy television programs, appeared in dramatic roles, and played the straight man in the series of Conway-Anderson interviews.

So let Tim Conway put you on…it won’t take him long to botch up for evening.


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