Comedy Schmomedy

Comedy Schmomedy

Whadda ya know?  Even Kate Middleton loves comedy!  Believe it or not Kate and I were up late one night and got to talking about our favorite comedy albums.  Between the Duchess of Cambridge and myself we were able to come up with a few of the newest and  most prized posessions in the 24/7 Comedy library.  Did you know that Kate absolutely loves Doug Stanhope?  It couldn't be truer.

She also thoroughly enjoys the handsomest man in comedy and our pick so far for album of the year, Gary's Gulman's No Can Defend.

Looking for that special lady in your life to inspire you?  Make you feel classy and funny?  Try on Coke Money from Natasha Leggero.

Okay, let's get serious here.  Wait, no...I changed my mind.  And the opposite of serious is a comedian by the name of Emo Phillips.  Check out E=Mo2.  Did you know that he was married to comedian Judy Tenuta?  At least that part is true. 

Not only is Erin Judge the model for Botticelli's The Birth of Venus, she is fall on your face funny.

Anthony Jeselnik's Shakespeare is swell.  He's putting something new out in the next coming months and you better believe 24/7 Comedy will be all over it!

Billy Gardell is an untouched resoivoir of hilarious.  His Comedy Central Presents is uh-ma-zing.  Check him out on Mike & Molly :)

One of mine and Kate's other favorite comedians is Minnesota guy, Chad Daniels.  24/7 Comedy featured his latest special, You're The Best, and make sure to listen for him as a Guest Host in the coming weeks!

This is actually Kate Middleton's favorite comedy album.  Dave Attell Skanks for the Memories.

And OMG Ryan Stout Touche...some say this guy is the next Letterman.  24/7 Comedy AND Kate Middleton give him two thumbs up. 


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