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Hello YOU: A First and Foremost

Hello YOU: A First and Foremost

What is UP?!  So excited for our new website and the future of 24/7 Comedy!  Thanks for being here and for supporting stand up comedy :)  The picture provided is myself with Kelly Carlin at SXSW 2012.

In case you haven't figured it out, this is Quinn and welcome to Quinntessentials!  If you hate me then you will probably really hate my blog.  But, if you are cool/awesome then keep on reading and let's get started!

I got into comedy about a year and a half ago when someone in the comedy clouds decided I had done something right (Mitch Hedberg? Bill Hicks?) and I landed the gig.  So I packed my bags and quickly moved into the 24/7 Comedy clown college.  Funny how life will guide you to where you are supposed to be.  Comedy is going through a resurgence and just by reading this you are a part of it, so thanks. 

My favorite comedian is Mitch Hedberg followed by a close second to my favorite living comedian, Doug Stanhope.  I abide by the Bill Hicks Principles of Comedy:


(Posted by Bill's comedian friend J.R. Brow on the wall of the Velveeta Room, Austin)

1.  If you can be yourself on stage nobody else can be you and you have the law of supply and demand covered.

2.  The act is something you fall back on if you can't think of anything else to say.

3.  Only do what you think is funny, never just what you think they will like, even though it's not that funny to you. 

4.  Never ask them "Is this funny?".  You tell them this is funny

5.  You are not married to any of this shit - if something happens, taking you off on a tangent, NEVER go back and finish a bit, just move on.

6.  NEVER ask the audience "How you doing?"  People who do that can't think of an opening line.  They came to see you tell them how they're doing, asking that stupid question up front just digs a hole.  This is The Most Common Mistake made by performers.  I want to leave as soon as they say that.

7.  Write what entertains you.  If you can't be funny be interesting.  You haven't lost the crowd.  Have something to say and then do it in a funny way.

8.  I close my eyes and walk out there and that's where I start, honest.

9.  Listen to what you are saying, ask yourself, "Why am I saying it and is it necessary?"  (This will filter all your material and cut the unnecessary words.)

10.  Play to the top of the intelliegence of the room.  There aren't any bad crowds, just wrong choices.

11.  Remeber this is the hardest thing you can do.  If you can do this you can do anything.

12.  I love my cracker roots.  Get to know your family, be friends with them.

I have a picture of myself with Matt Harlock, one of the masterminds behind American: The Bill Hicks Story, as well as comedian, Mike MacRae, backstage at the Velveeta Room with the actual post.  Once I figure out how to upload it without deleting this post AGAIN (yep, you're reading a re-written second draft) you can see the real deal.  (UPDATE - Pic below and Quinntessentials is still in tact!)

And that's just a little tidbit about me.  Eventually I'll get on-stage and do the 3 minutes all first-time comedians do, but that's a whole other blog post :)  Thanks for being a part of the 24/7 Comedy Familia  <3 - Q


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