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The comedy festival is probably one of the coolest experiences a comedy fan could have.  In a normal club setting you will see one feature and one headliner do one show.  It's awesome and we all love it BUT if you really wanna get your kicks then the comedy festival is the way to go, trust.

Por ejemplo, the Boston Comedy Festival next week in, you guessed it, Beantown!  I am SO excited to tell you that the one and only Andy Kindler is our Guest host next week.  He's performing September 15th at the Davis Square Theater in Boston.  If you have the chance to go, do not miss him.  One of the biggest comedians today, you know Andy from his groundbreaking stand up, correspondent for The Late Show with David Letterman, regular appearances on Bob's Burgers and Everybody Loves Raymond.  To those of us deep in the comedy forest this is pretty impressive, each year at the biggest comedy festival in the entire universe, Montreal's Just For Laughs, Andy delivers the State of the Industry address.  He also wrote the "Hack's Handbook" for National Lampoon.  SCORE.

Also in the coming months is Austin, TX's Fun Fun Fun Fest.  Similar to Bonnaroo, FFF incorporates music acts and arts with comedy.  Oh my God, the lineup is SICK.  I'm not going to tell you who is Guest Hosting that week, but I promise it will be pretty freaking sweet ;)  On top of seeing some of the funniest comedians and biggest acts in music, Austin is an amazing city and worth the trip alone.

Last, but certainly not least, the New York Comedy Festival.  The comedy world divides itself between Los Angeles and New York City.  On any given night you can see comedians like Jerry Seinfeld and Louis C.K. perform at some of the most iconic clubs in the world of funny.  Held to the highest standard, New York's lineup does not disappoint; Jim Gaffigan, Aziz Ansari, Robin Williams, Ricky Gervais the list goes on and on.

The basic premise of this is that you should attend a comedy festival.  In a matter of 2 or 3 days you have the opportunity to see your favorites perform at centrazlied locations along with the rising stars of tomorrow.  You could potentially see the next Seinfeld or Louis before they hit it big and that is absolutely priceless.

There's a sense of comradery and family within the comedy world.  For the most part everyone is cool, a whole lotta laughs and not a whole lotta ego.  Unlike a concert the comedians will most likely be at a local bar afterwards and you can probably shake their hand say thanks, just don't be a weirdo and mind your manners :)

Listen to 24/7 Comedy and keep checking the website for details of what we've got going on.  Big things are happening and we do it because we love to make you laugh.  Here's a pic of Wanda Sykes, Tom Rhodes, myself and friends at the Moontower Comedy and Oddities Festival this past year in Austin, TX.  Good times!  Toodles ya'll. <3 - Q


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